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Wild Republic Tiger Scents Stuffed Animal, Plush Toy Gifts for Kids Sassy Scents, Tangerine, 5.5 Inches

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Small Scents Tiger Stuffed Animal

  • Once you own this Tiger Sassy scents stuffed animal, all of you friends will want to copycat you.
  • These cute plushies are made with high-quality materials and are surface washable if you happen to drop it in the mud.
  • No matter your age, This plush toy will be sure to spark your imagination.
  • The approximate size of this animal plush is 5.5 inches, allowing your children to take the Tiger Plush to daycare.
  • This stuffed toy will bring the “purr-fect” Tangerine scent to your nose.

Tigers are within the Wildcat family and are arguably the loudest cats in that Group. Tigers’ roars can be extremely loud, as they can be heard from approximately a mile and a half away. Their roars are very intimidating, as they are fierce hunters who target big animals including deer, antelope, pigs, and buffalos.

Tiger Plush toys are ideal baby toys, toddler toys, and kids toys as they will cuddle with your loved ones when they take an after-school nap. Whether you are browsing for a gift for teens, Christmas gifts, or a birthday gift for kids, This Tiger plushier will be cherished.

Wild Republic has been developing plush animals and educational toys for kids of all ages since 1979, With unique specialization in realistic stuffed animals.