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Wild Republic Cuddlekins Stuffed Brown Horse Foal Plush, 8 inches

Wild Republic Cuddlekins Stuffed Brown Horse Foal Plush, 8 inches

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Cuddlekins Stuffed Animal Brown Horse Foal Plush


This young foal is just learning how to use her long legs, and she needs your help to trot!

This baby horse has a beautiful brown coat with a distinct white patch on her forehead and tufts of long golden hair on her mane and tail. You’ll love to frolic and play with this 8-inch standing brown foal.

If your idea of a good time includes a saddle and a pair of chaps then the Stuffed Brown Horse Foal Mini Cuddlekin by Wild Republic is a must have stuffed animal! Not only is this small plush brown horse foal wonderfully detailed, super cute, and extra cuddly but it also happens to be just the right size for constant companionship!

Measuring about eight inches long, this stuffed brown horse foal doesn't take up too much space so it can easily go on family vacations, field trips, and any other adventures that might call for a plush sidekick.

Are there any adventures that don't call for a plush brown horse foal? Frankly, we think that they should be mandatory for all occasions. The world would certainly be a lot more fun if everyone carried a small plush brown horse foal with them everywhere they went, that's for sure.

Mini Cuddlekins by Wild Republic, including the Stuffed Brown Horse Foal Mini Cuddlekin, are made with all new child safe materials and meet or exceed all U.S. safety standards. Surface washing is suggested for our small brown horse foal stuffed animal; recommended for ages three and up.

  • Saddle up and add this stuffed animal horse to your Cuddlekin collection
  • Not just a mare toy, this perfect Pony plush toy is made with high-quality, durable fabrics, able to withstand lots of horsing’ around
  • Taming the mane of this realistic stuffed animal has never been easier; this kids toy is 100% Surface-washable
  • This plushier from Wild Republic measures 8", from the flick of its ears to the whip of the tail
  • Get off your high horse and get your hands on this huggable horse animal plush

Giddy up! We know you’re chomping at the bit to get your hooves on this huggable horse stuffed animal from Wild Republic! In life, horses are measured in ‘hands’, with one hand being roughly the equivalent of 4 inches; this realistic stuffed animal measures in at 8 inches from ears to tail.

The tan and brown coloring of its coat and mane, made with durable and high-quality fabrics, are able to withstand trotting down even the muddiest of trails. This animal plush is 100% surface-washable, and rinsing off the dirt from your adventures has never been easier!

You heard it, straight from the horse’s mouth: adding this perfect plush toy to your stable of cuddlekins will be a total mane-changer! Wild Republic has been developing animal plush and educational toys for kids of all ages since 1979, with a unique specialization in realistic stuffed animals.

  • Measures approx. eight inches
  • Realistic coloring and design
  • Quality plush fabric

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