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Wild Republic Ocean Moveable Action Playset, Aquatic Animals, Kids Gifts, Shark Toys, 9-Pieces

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Aquatic Diver Moveable Action Figurines



  • Great value: Included are nine attention bright colored toy figures, such as a Diver, great white Shark, Beluga, Penguin, dolphin, Orca and many more
  • Function: Each animal toy figure has moveable appendages which makes creative play more fun and ideal for Diver party favors
  • Size: eco-packaging Dimensions are 3. 5"X 14"x 11" And toy figures range from 3 to 5 inches
  • Quality: each ocean animal toy figure is highly detailed which makes them have a more lifelike appearance
  • Safety: All moveable action playsets are Phthalate free and for ages 3 years and up

Excellent for any home decor or diorama display. Perfect for bath toys and sandbox toys. All Moveable Action Playsets are Phthalate free and for ages 3 years and up.

Eco-Packaging dimensions are 3. 5"x 14”x 11" and toy figures range from 3 to 5 Inches. Within this playset are seven vibrant colored animal figures, Mermaid (9 . 5” x 1. 5” x 5”), Beluga (5"x 3"x 2"), Orca (6"x 2"x 3"), Dolphin (7"x 2. 5"x 2"), Sea Turtle (4"x 4" x 1"), Penguin (1. 2"x 1. 6"x 3"), Great White Shark (7"x 4"x 2"), Spotted Seal (5"x 3"x 1. 5"), Sea Otter (4. 5"x 1. 5" x 1. 5").

Wild Republic has specialized in designing realistic stuffed animals and educational toys for kids since 1979.