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Phoenix Model Aeroplane Rubber Band Powered England A3 Wood Airplane Toy

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 Rubber Band Powered Wood Airplane Toy


Have hours of fabulous fun building and flying our huge wind-up model flyer! This marvellous plane can fly for a good 15 seconds up to a distance of 300 feet.

Fly in style with this rubber band powered model aeroplane, measuring up to 20 inches, or 51cm. Specially designed by aeronautical engineers from balsa wood and with ultra-light foam for a lightweight construction.

This model plane offers hours of fabulous fun, both constructing and flying the aircraft. It can fly for a good 15 seconds, up to a distance of 300 feet when flying in calm air and an open space. Alternatively, keep it on display as a fine piece of art. It is, we feel, best built together by parent and child!

It makes a fantastic gift for Christmas and birthdays!



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