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Anker Play Velvet and Poster Art Set Kids Activity Play

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Velvet and Poster Art Set

Kids will be amazed by how good their projects look as they create colors on a rich black velvet background.

Raised velvet design helps kids color inside the lines so it's virtually goof-proof! One each of 10 assorted 8” x 10” designs. Color with markers, sold separately.




Develop their creativity Poster Art !


  • velvet color-in poster. 8"x 10"inches. Includes 5 markers. Flocked velvet makes this poster perfect for fun and easy error proof coloring! Simply color in the design to create a unique room decoration, door poster, and more!
  • Fun velvet surfaced painting for kids to color in with markers
  • Easy to do, velvet makes colors stay in the lines
  • Includes eight color markers
  • includes 2 designs.
  • 2 posters
  • Fun project that makes a nice decoration, too
  • Ages 6 and up