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Trolls Glitter Diary Activity Set, Includes 37 Stickers, Two Glitter Glue, Ink Pad, Stamp, Holographic Stickers, Scissors, Fuzzy Pen and Diary

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Pump up the volume on the Trolls fashion fun! With the Trolls fashion Trolls Glitter Diary Activity Set, you can rock your best beat and hit center stage with your favorite Trolls characters! Mix and match over 37 repositionable stickers to stylize and accessorize your own unique outfit — don't forget to get your 3D gem on and sparkle like a true Troll! Use your felt stickers to give your Trolls Their signature hair-do and put them in the spotlight using your doll stands! The more Trolls, the merrier! 

The Glitter Diary Activity Set includes 37 stickers, two glitter glue, ink pad, stamp, holographic stickers, scissors, fuzzy pen and diary with lock. It features characters from DreamWorks animated film Trolls.

The licensed activity includes over 40 pieces.


Great for children of 3 years of age and above.