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Generation Super Kids Fun Play Dough BBQ Party Kit

Generation Super Kids Fun Play Dough BBQ Party Kit

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Kids Fun Play Dough BBQ Party Kit, Bestseller!

Grill up the fun and have a Dough barbecue! Pretend lunchtime creations are up to the imagination with these cookout tools. Open the grill and place some Dough compound inside to create silly hamburgers, imaginary hot dogs, and make-believe buns.

Create outrageous onion rings and even more Dough toppings on the lid of the grill. The decorator tool features an attachment with different shapes to make funny fries, crazy condiments, and other fun add-ons, and the roller doubles as a handle for the grill. When the cookout creations are ready, show them off with the spatula and plates.

With Play-Doh Kitchen Creations, the best ingredient of all is imagination!, Dough , and all related properties are trademarks of Generation.


Each kit includes 1 food press, 1 fork, 1 knife, 1 spoon, 2 plates, 4 2oz dough tubs.




  • Creative cooks can grill up the fun at their own Dough barbecue
  • Open the grill to make pretend burgers, make-believe hot dogs, and more
  • Squeeze funny fries and crazy condiments with the decorator tool
  • Grill top has molds for outrageous onion rings and other pretend toppings


Ages 3+

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