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Rainbow High Rainbow Vision Royal Three K-pop Tessa Park Fashion Doll

Rainbow High Rainbow Vision Royal Three K-pop Tessa Park Fashion Doll

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Rainbow High K-Pop Tessa Park Fashion Doll: Posable, 2 Outfits, Microphone, Merch - Toy Gift for Kids 6-12 & Collectors

  • INSPIRE KID’S IMAGINATION: The best of the best Art Schools from around the world will compete in an elite music high school competition, Rainbow Vision. Competitors from around the world will let their true colors shine in one epic battle. The ultimate competition to determine the ONE WINNER! This year, Shadow High is determined to ensure Rainbow High doesn’t win Rainbow Vision again. But they aren’t the only two schools in the competition. World renowned K-pop girl band, Royal Three, isn’t going to make it easy for anyone. They have come to win!
  • GORGEOUS FEATURES: Tessa Park has a unique design and is dressed in periwinkle blue tones from head to toe. She has gorgeous, detailed features in her fashion, beautiful periwinkle blue hair in a high pony tail and bangs. And she has long real eye lashes and glass eyes. Collect the Rainbow of all the Rainbow Vision - Royal Three K-pop fashion dolls.
  • 2 MIX & MATCH FASHION: Tessa marches to the beat of her own drum on stage and with her style. Starting with her pants, she has one pant leg and one short leg. And she’s wearing one single knee-high sock. And she has a sporty crop top. A molded belt buckle. And a embroidered jacket. And soft good sneakers. She also comes with a second complete look including a handbox wrap over sporty crop top, pants and strappy heels.
  • MICROPHONE HEADSET & BAND MERCH PLAYSET: She comes with all her essential band and band merch play pieces. She has her own microphone headset so she can perform and sing without a microphone stand getting in her way. And she comes with official band merch, including t-shirt and concert booklet with song lyrics & mini band poster. This playset will give kids endless joy and imaginative storytelling entertainment so they can create the Rainbow Vision music battle at home.
  • POSE HER ON DOLL STAND: She's fully articulated and posable, her arms and legs bend for so many glamourous poses or you can display her on the included doll stand.

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