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Plastic Dreidels Silk Screened with Blue and White Letters - Set of 4

Plastic Dreidels Silk Screened with Blue and White Letters - Set of 4

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Set of 4 Hanukkah Plastic Blue and White Dreidels

Enjoy the Game of Dreidel with this refreshingly bright assortment of 2 blue and 2 white Dreidels with the letters both written in large and the translation of what the letter represents on each side of the Dreidel!

Care & Contents 2 Blue Dreidels with White silkscreened letters and 2 White dreidels with Blue Silkscreened letters How To Play The Dreidel Game: 1) Everyone begins with an equal number of pennies, buttons, chips-poker or chocolate. 2) Everyone puts a penny in the center. 3) The youngest player goes first by spinning the Dreidel. The letter facing up tells what to do. 4) The one with the most pennies at then end of the game wins. When there's no money left, start the game again. Nun - Do nothing. Next player goes. Gimel - Take all the money! Hey - Take half the money. Shin - Pay in two pennies


Set of 4 Plastic Blue and White Dreidels with Printed Large Letter


  • BLUE AND WHITE COLORS! Classic blue and white color dreidels silk screened with a complimentary color letter.
  • ENGLISH TRANSLATION! Each dreidel features the English translation and explanation for that specific letter.
  • FEATURES NUN, GIMMEL, HEY AND SHIN! These spinning translucent dreidels feature the four classic Hebrew letters printed on all dreidels!
  • GREAT GIFT IDEA! Makes the perfect holiday gift.




Dimensions & Details
  • Material: Plastic
  • UPC:089824308547
  • Package Dimensions:4.10" l x 0.55" w x 5.10" h
  • Item Package: Carded
  • Packaged Weight:0.10 lb


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