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Bendon Nickelodeon PAW Patrol Giant Art Activity Set, Filled with Puzzles, Games And Snap-out Characters

Bendon Nickelodeon PAW Patrol Giant Art Activity Set, Filled with Puzzles, Games And Snap-out Characters

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Paw Patrol Activity Set 

This giant art collection includes: Two activity books, a watercolor tray with 10 watercolors, two paintbrushes, three stampers, one ink pad, three foam stickers, eight crayons, a sticker tube with handle, and six sticker sheets. The activity books contain coloring pages with fill-in activities and punch-out characters featuring all your favorite characters.



  • Over 1,000 items fill this ultimate coloring and activity set
  • Includes 2 activity storybooks filled with puzzles, games and snap-out characters
  • Includes rainbow watercolors, jumbo crayons, character stampers, large character foam stickers
  • Provides hours of imaginative play and creative fun
  • Officially licensed product



Why Bendon?

Every child has a favorite character--or a hundred! Since 2001, as one of the country's leading producer of coloring and activity books, we've been bringing the characters kids love to life with creative, hands-on products that encourage imagination and fun. Bendon is committed to growing right alongside your child, delivering new activities for the evolving line-up of characters they love into the future. We're dedicated to providing creative play solutions for kids and their favorite heroes.



Art Supplies

The perfect start for little artists! Many of Bendon’s PAW Patrol Art Sets include all of the essentials—crayons, markers, stickers, and more! Plus, everything fits nicely into the portable case, so your child will never be without his or her supplies.




An easy decision for a single gift or if you're buying for a group.

Engaging Content

Don't just watch your favorite characters, interact with them.

All Smiles

A sugar-free reward, perfect for birthday parties, road trips, or quiet time at home.



Fill today with creative play

Spark creativity in the hearts and minds of all with children’s products from Bendon. We partner with retailers around the world to deliver high-quality coloring and activity products at an affordable price to delighted children everywhere.






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