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Passover Bingo Game With Storage Tin, Amusing Passover play That Included 6 boards and "Matzah" chips

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Passover Bingo Game With Storage Tin

Do I hear a "D"? Play Seder Bingo and hear players delight in the fun of Bingo adapted for fun and amusing Passover play. 6 boards and "Matzah" chips allow multiple players to join in on the good times! Packaged in a tin case.

Game Play: The Caller picks both a letter and a picture card, and shows all the players both the letter and the picture. Players look at their boards, find a column with a matching letter on top, then try to find a matching picture in that column.

If they have a matching picture in the correct column, they cover it with a Matzah chip. The game continues until at least one player gets a row of Matzah chips on his bingo board (cross, down or diagonal). The player then calls out "SEDER!" to signal that they've won.


  • Passover Themed Bingo Game With a Storage Tin
  • Includes 6 Laminated Boards and 100 Matzo Chips
  • 2-6 Players
  • Great Passover Gift
  • Perfect Way to Teach Children about Passover