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Num Noms Starter Pack Series 3 Fresh Fruits Toy

Num Noms Starter Pack Series 3 Fresh Fruits Toy

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Num Noms Fresh Fruits Toy


The Num Noms Starter Pack Series 3 is a fun addition to your toy collection. These items are miniature food items with cute faces. Each piece is scented to smell like the dish that it represents. You can stack these play food toys on top of one another to create "recipes" that smell like your favorite foods.

This product comes in an adorable package that looks like a to-go box from a restaurant. Series 3 has 85 unique pieces, which you can combine with past and future sets for even more fun. You also get a scented banana stamp and an eraser.


  • 3 scented nums (outer) in a variety of flavors and 1 scented Nom (inner) is an eraser or a stamper.
  • Collector's menu. Collector's menu.
  • New food-inspired packaging! new food-inspired packaging!


Num Noms Starter Pack Series 3, Fresh Fruits:

  • Series 3
  • 3 scented Fruit Nums: Sadie Seeds, Becky Banana, Melony Seeds
  • Num Noms playset includes a scented eraser Nom: Nana Erase-It
  • Each package is bundled as a meal theme inside a to-go box
  • Includes cup, spoon accessories and collector's menu
  • Collect them all and look for special edition Num Noms
  • 85 play food toys in this series (each sold separately)
  • Other theme starter packs include Marshmallows, Glazed Donuts and Hard Candies



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