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Blokko® Morph Droids 5-in-1 Building Blocks Kit, 2 Themes Available: Police & Quarry

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blokko® Morph Droids Blocks Kit

This Morph Droids multi form building blocks toy kit of 150 Blokko pieces allow your child to make 5 Droids. Build 4 individual models with the building blocks, or transform all of the blocks into 1 Megadroid!

Assortment includes 2 themes: Police and Quarry. Each kit includes 150 blocks and compatible with other brands, recommended for ages 6 and up.


Megadroid Building Blocks 5-in-1 Transformer Toy Kit For Children 

• Multi Form Building Blocks 5 in 1
• 2 Themes Available Police & Quarry
• 4 Models Assemble Into 1 Megadroid
• Compatible With Other Brands
• 150 Pieces / Ages 6+
• Blokko by Anker Play