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MGA Entertainment Shreddin' Sharks surfboard Fly wheel With epic stunts like the foam slide, sushi roll, Wham BAM

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  • Shredding' Sharks are gnarly, awesome collectible figures that Shred and do awesome stunts while they roll!
  • Each shreddin' Sharks figure has a unique surfboard that let's them do epic stunts like the foam slide, sushi roll, Wham BAM, and more!
  • All shreddin' Sharks figures work with the Tsunami showdown Playset to do even more epic stunts
  • 13 unique shreddin' Sharks figures to collect!
  • Look for the rare gnarls the gold figure

More information about this product

Shredd’n Sharks are the new, innovative, popularly themed vehicle line that allow you to drift, stunt, and speed through the city!

  • Fly wheel allows for drifting, stunts and speed.
  • Each shark has it’s own unique performance type.
  • Highly stylized and deco’d sharks capitalize on popular theme with boys.
  • Innovative vehicle play with unique surf themed packaging.
  • Collect all 12 sharks in the assortment.
  • Target Age: Boys 5-8
  • Packaging: Peggable Blister Cardaage
  • Battery Requirements: N/A