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Mazes Activity Workbook - Develop Eye-Hand Coordination, Attention to Detail, Problem-Solving Skills

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Mazes Workbook (Ages 4-6)

Mazes are mind-bending fun! Not to mention they also help develop eye-hand coordination, attention to detail, and problem-solving skills. In this Activity Zone® book these colorful mazes go a step further by including both objects and places that children recognize, and those that they don't, which helps reinforce and expand their knowledge base.


Mazes create a path of logic and imagination!

This 32-page workbook supplies imaginative mazes for your child to solve. Wide paths and colorful illustrations make these mazes perfect for your young learner! Combining objects and places that children recognize and those that they don't helps reinforce and expand their knowledge base. Watch eager hands and eyes navigate through sport-playing penguins cuckoo clocks and the Great Sphinx. Plus mazes go beyond fun they help develop logic creativity problem-solving and more. The slim size is great for packing into totes backpacks and luggage. Fun Features Benefits Golden Scholar Club redemption code 32 pages of creative mazes Colorful illustrations on every page Parent Guide inside front cover Activities to share inside back cover Convenient take-anywhere size Skills logic creativity; critical thinking; problem-solving; attention to detail; eye-hand coordination


Get your little one Mazes today and watch as he or she twists and turns to success!





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