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Mattel Matchbox Power Grab Mini Vehicle Line - Realistic Details, Authentic Decos and Real Rolling Wheels

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Mattel Matchbox Power Grab Mini vehicle



Kids  and  collectors  alike  will  love  the  entire  Matchbox™  vehicle  line


 With  realistic  details,  authentic  deco's  and  real  rolling  wheels,  these  vehicles  inspire  kids  to  be  everyday  heroes  through  real  world  replicas.

 Choose  from  an  entire  assortment  of  vehicles  that  draw  inspiration  from  explorers  in  the  urban  landscape,  everyday  heroes  and  off-road  adventurers.  

Assortments  include:  city  cars,  rescue  vehicles,  construction  vehicles  and  off-road  four-wheelers.  Collect  them  all!  Each  sold  separately,  subject  to  availability.

 Not  for  use  with  some  Matchbox™  sets. Colors  and  decorations  may  vary. Please note: as this item is an assortment we cannot guarantee a specific style please let us choose on your behalf or state your preference in the comments section and we will do our best.


Matchbox Power Grab Assortment each of the following collectible diecast:

  • Man TGS Dump Truck
  • Mercedes Benz Unimog U300
  • Dirtstroyer
  • Bay Brigade
  • 89 Chevy Blazer 4 x 4
  • International Terrastar
  • Volkswagen Caddy Delivery
  • 47 Chevy AD 3100
  • Seagrave Fire Engine
  • 35 Ford Pickup
  • Nissan NV Van
  • Ridge Raider
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  • SKU: DNK70957N