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Juicy Couture Create 4 Charms. DIY Jewelry Making Kit for Girls. Trendy Tassels Jewelry - Makes 15 Cree, 664 Pcs

Juicy Couture Create 4 Charms. DIY Jewelry Making Kit for Girls. Trendy Tassels Jewelry - Makes 15 Cree, 664 Pcs

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Make It Real – Juicy Couture 4 Charms

Welcome to Make It Real, your gateway to a world of creativity!

As parents ourselves, we know that girls develop rapidly as they move from child to tween to teen. As budding young women, they are developing physical, social, and emotional skills that will help them succeed as the future leaders and makers of tomorrow.

At Make It Real, we value the role that play and experimentation have on developing and honing these skills. Our products are crafted with intention; each play pattern highlights one or more skills from our unique Skill Center to help your daughter be the best that she can be!

  • JUICY COUTURE CHARMS. This DIY Charms kit guides young girls to create their own fashionable Juicy jewelry, crafting bold and beautiful charm that they’ll be proud to show off!
  • HELPS KIDS DEVELOP REAL WORLD SKILLS. Creating Juicy Couture Charms helps young girls develop fine-motor, visual, and cognitive skills - all while having fun and expressing themselves!
  • EVERYTHING INCLUDED. This Charms kit has everything your child needs to create up to 5 bold Charms. Includes 15Cree Juicy Couture charms, wood pieces and instructions
  • GREAT GIFT IDEA. Make It Real’s developmental toys make great gifts for girls and tweens, helping them to develop skills that will allow them to succeed as the future leaders and makers of tomorrow
  • PERFECT FOR AGES 8+. With endless combinations, girls ages 8 and up can design pieces that reflect their unique style while exploring their creativity through play and experimentation

Bold & Unique Juicy Couture Charms

Stand out from the crowd with bold Juicy looks that you create yourself, and reflect your unique style!

Fine Motor Skills

Fine Motor Skills and Hand Dexterity focus on the use and coordination of small muscles in the wrist, hand, and fingers to perform activities like writing, sketching, painting, and more.

Visual Skills

Visual Skills focus on hand-eye coordination and visual perception required for tasks such as cutting, sketching a two-dimensional image from a 3D object, and the ability to recall an image seen previously.


Self-Actualization is the process of using creativity, spontaneity, and independence to reach an individual’s full potential. This includes the ability to communicate and share ideas.

Product Dimensions 20.47 x 11.02 x 9.84 inches
Item Weight 12.8 ounces
Category Girls Beauty
UNSPSC Code 695929044152
Item model number 4415
Manufacturer recommended age 6 years and up
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