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Volvo 3" Die Cast Construction Vehicles - Cement Truck/Backhoe/Loader/Dump/Roller/Fork Lift/Padfoot Roller/Hammer

Volvo 3" Die Cast Construction Vehicles - Cement Truck/Backhoe/Loader/Dump/Roller/Fork Lift/Padfoot Roller/Hammer

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Volvo Die Cast Construction Vehicles Play Set 3" by Maisto-Cement Truck/Backhoe/Loader/Dump Truck/Roller/Fork Lift


  • Volvo construction die-cast vehicles are ready for the job.
  • Classic yellow and grey Volvo colors in branded packaging.
  • Die cast metal with plastic parts.
  • Free rolling vehicles.







About this item

  • Kids Construction Toys: The small kid toys cars playsets includes: Excavator, Bulldozers, Road Roller, Mixer Truck, Dumper Truck, Forklift, Padfoot Roller/Hammer.
  • Main part of the durable toy sets for kids is made of metal and rest are ABS material.
  • Compact and Cute: The mini toy trucks are specially designed for kids' little hands, small enough for kids easily to carry out or put in the pockets and play everywhere. Mini cute look and just push, these construction toy cars glide forward a distance, ideal for kids to play with.
  • Educational for Children: These small toys for kids can simulate the carrying of sand and other materials in construction sites, which will help your kids to create their own construction and stimulate their imagination and hand-eye interaction.
  • Great Gift Choice and Play Everywhere: Toy construction trucks, suitable for group play and little competition between kids. These Car Toys are perfect as birthday gift or Christmas stocking present in the holiday season, also perfect for parties, celebrations, fun party favors, collection and home decoration.
  • We're sure your children will love these toddlers boys toys, try it out today without risk. If you're not satisfied with these construction toy trucks for whatever reason, just contact us and you will get reply within 24 hours.




Durable Small Toys for Kids:

1:64 scale die cast toy construction toys is made of metal alloy and ABS, which are non-toxic and eco-friendly
material. Realistic detailed compartments will keep kids entertained.


  1.  You will get the product with a nice package. Perfect for birthday or party gift.
  2.  Great toys for children's imagination. Fun for preschools, day care centers, and the beach.
  3.  These cool and fun kids Construction Trucks are a perfect gift, giveaway or party bag presents.
  4.  Realistic detailed parts and keep children entertained. Easy to play, just push it forward and it go with smooth wheels.




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