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LEGO NINJAGO Fire Stone Mech 71720 Building Kit Featuring LEGO Ninja Mech, New 2020 (968 Pieces)

LEGO NINJAGO Fire Stone Mech 71720 Building Kit Featuring LEGO Ninja Mech, New 2020 (968 Pieces)

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LEGO NINJAGO Fire Stone Mech 71720 Building Kit

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This LEGO NINJAGO Fire Stone Mech (71720) with 5 minifigures is perfect for fans of ninja toys and building sets for kids. Youngsters will love putting together the fire ninja mech and figures to play out action-packed scenes from the NINJAGO TV series. This stunning and detailed LEGO mech set offers kids a world of possibilities so they can enjoy hours of engrossing action. They can place two ninjas in the cockpit of the highly posable mech as it storms into battle against enemies Murt and Moe, smashing its way out from the bowels of Shintaro Mountain. LEGO NINJAGO mech sets offer youngsters a gateway into a world of fantasy fun where they can indulge in creative play as they role-play stories with buildable figures. Your little ninja will be enthralled as they play with a range of action toys, including cars, jets, dragons and more.




  • Super-cool LEGO NINJAGO Fire Stone Mech (71720) and 5 minifigures for kids to recreate action from the NINJAGO TV series; This makes the perfect role-play toy for kids who want to pretend to be their ninja heroes
  • This ninja playset includes a NINJAGO Fire Stone mech and 5 minifigures: Hero Kai, Hero Nya, Hero Cole, Moe and Murt; Youngsters can have fun playing out their own NINJAGO brick adventures from the Dungeons of Shintaro
  • This awesome toy provides kids with endless play possibilities; The Fire Stone ninja mech boasts highly posable legs and arms, fits up to 2 minifigures in its cockpit, and can fire studs from its shooters
  • This 968-piece LEGO NINJAGO mech set provides a fun building experience for boys and girls aged 9+, and is the perfect way for little ninjas to explore their creativity
  • This NINJAGO building set for kids is perfect for play at home or for fun on the go; The fire ninja mech measure overs 10” (27cm) high, 7” (19cm) long and 11” (29cm) wide


NINJAGO mech playset

Awesome LEGO playset featuring posable mech for kids to recreate dramatic battles from NINJAGO TV series.




Endless thrills for ninja fans

Kids can fire up their imagination to play out captivating stories with their favorite ninjas on their own or with friends.


LEGO NINJAGO Fire Stone Mech Ninja Mech Building Toy 71720


Ninjas on the attack!

Hero Kai and Hero Cole can fight from inside the mech.

Weaponized mech.

Kids will love firing the mech's spring-loaded shooters


Primed for battle!

Cool storage space for weapons under the mech’s shoulders.



Fun build and epic ninja action

NINJAGO fans aged 9+ can enjoy a fun building task with this big 968-piece playset before playing out fun ninja adventures.



Includes 5 LEGO NINJAGO minifigures

Hero Cole, Hero Kai and Hero Nya minifigures for kids to stage battles against the villainous Moe and Murt minifigures.






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