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L.O.L Surprise Lil Sisters and Lil Pets Winter Disco Asst, Multi-Color

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  • Unbox 5 surprises with L.O.L. Surprise! lils winter disco series.
  • Will you get a fuzzy Lil pet Or a Lil Sis? Or even a Lil brother?
  • Add water for a color change surprise.
  • 5 surprises! (1) secret message, (2) stickers, (3) accessory, (4) accessory, (5) Lil.
  • Decorate ball with stickers to make it into the face of a snow B.B.

More information about this product

Join the Winter Disco! Filled with glitter, snow and tons of surprises! Unbox 5 surprises with LOL Surprise Lils with all new surprises inside! Lil Pets are now FUZZY! Who will you get? A Lil Sis, Lil Bro, or Lil Fuzzy Pet?

  • Winter Disco Theme
  • 5 Surprises
  • Snowman Sticker
  • Mix & match accessories
  • Lil Sister, Lil Brother, or Lil Fuzzy
  • Pet Build a glitter snow B.B. by stacking Glitter Globe, Pets, and Lils balls!
  • Cross-sell poster
  • 18 Characters to collect
  • 559672E7C
  • UPC Code: 035051559672