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Identity Games Elmo's World Hide and Seek Game - Features Talking Elmo from Sesame Street

Identity Games Elmo's World Hide and Seek Game - Features Talking Elmo from Sesame Street

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Talking Elmo from Sesame Street


Where's Elmo? Little ones can have lots of fun finding his location—just follow the clues and Elmo's voice!


  • Elmo Hide and Seek - A refreshing new take on a classic game with 3 different game play levels
  • Based on Elmo character from Elmo's World/Sesame Street
  • Set includes: Elmo doll with sound, 24 location cards, and game rules
  • Elmo's cheerful hints help guide the players to the secret hiding place
  • For ages 6 months to 5 years (depending on game play) - AAA batteries not included

Elmo's World Hide and Seek Game - Features Talking Elmo from Sesame Street

Our best friend is hiding somewhere around the house – but Elmo won’t be gone for long! Based on a timeless play pattern, Elmo “Hide & Seek” is a refreshing update to the beloved classic and features a sturdy toy figure that chirps out little hints when hidden.

Play Hide and Seek with Elmo!

Elmo wants to play hide and seek! Look at the pictures very closely and try to find Elmo in this Elmo's World Hide and Seek game for infants, toddlers, preschoolers and young children!
Set includes:

  • 24 location cards
  • Game rules
  • Talking  Sesame Street Elmo doll

For ages 6 months to 6 years!

For 2 players or more.

Game play: 10 minutes

AAA Batteries not included.



MORE Ways to Play!

Level 1: Peekaboo! Hide Elmo under a cloth or behind an object, turn the sound on, and let your infant look for Elmo.
This level of game play is suitable for children as young as 6 months old and reinforces that when something is out of sight, it does not mean that the item has disappeared. 

Level 2: Hide and Seek!  While your toddler covers their eyes, place Elmo within a comfortable distance from him or her. Hide Elmo close to several safe objects and switch Elmo on.
Now allow your child to crawl or walk towards the objects to let him or her find out which object Elmo is hiding behind. If your child finds Elmo, increase the distance the next time you play. 
Level 3: Use the cards as clues! Choose 3 cards and have the child cover his or her eyes while you count to 10 and hide Elmo in one of the 3 places indicated by the cards.
This level can be played with the sound on or off. Turn over the location cards and allow the child to start looking for Elmo near any of the 3 places.
Can also be played in a group!

A Classic Game with a Twist! Elmo Talks!

How to play:
One player or parent hides Elmo, while the others use the enclosed clue cards to find him. Elmo says cheerful phrases to help guide the players to his secret hiding place. 
Elmo Hint Phrases:
"Elmo is so happy you want to play hide and seek!"
"Elmo is here!"
"Elmo's here, yay!"
"Try again to find Elmo."
"Yay, you found Elmo!"
"Elmo is not hiding there."

Can also be played without the sound for a greater Hide and Seek challenge!




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