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Wind Powered Beast Kit DIY Wind Walker - Interesting and Creative Gift for Birthday Holiday, 8+ yrs

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Heebie Jeebies - Wind Powered Beast Kit


Help to know about the great charm of new and clean energy, to build up children's sense of low-carbon and envitronment protection.
Cultivate children's interest in sclence and technology, through learning the drive principle of machines and the process the creation and conversion of wind power.
While children are assembling parts, they experience joy and fulfillment by overcoming series of challenges, which helps to foster creative thinking of children and develop their minds.


Build this marvel of engineering

The Wind Walker moves just by the wind. No electricity or batteries help power this beautiful creature.

Enjoy spending time exploring the design while you build it.

It's an amazing creature infused with the power of nature.

  • Age Guide: 8+ years
  • 20cm long
  • 130 pieces
  • Kit Includes: Wind Panels, Drive crank, Mechanical walking pieces, Illustrated instructions
  • Learning Outcomes: Creative & Critical Thinking, Engineering, Fine Motor Skills, Science
  • Mini Strandbeest: A child of Dutch artist Theo Jansen's mega artificial life strandbeest, also the friend for children.
  • Interesting and Creative: Wind powered walking walker model toy, needless electricity or batteries help, only by hand or blowing against the propeller. Develop children's ability and interest in science.
  • Kids Puzzle Novel Toy: DIY model robot kit, we will enjoy the assembly game with children, a family time.
  • What You Get: One mini Strandbeest kit with manual, fast delivery, our worry-free and friendly customer service.