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Hands Craft DIY Miniature Dollhouse Kit Honey 3D Puzzle Ice Cream Shop to Build for Adults and Teens, Complete Crafting Kit

Hands Craft DIY Miniature Dollhouse Kit Honey 3D Puzzle Ice Cream Shop to Build for Adults and Teens, Complete Crafting Kit

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Hands Craft DIY Miniature Dollhouse Kit - Beautiful Tea House, Cabinet, Furniture, Table, LED Lights

3D Puzzle DIY - Wooden Kit Ages 14+


Material Wood
Brand Hands Craft
Size One Size
Color Honey Ice Cream
Style Honey Ice-cream Shop

About this item

  • * Complete Miniature Dollhouse Kit - You get stunning realism with magnificent detail in our finest DIY project for teens and adults. We call this charming scene "Honey Ice Cream Shop” Hands Craft Model # DG148. Ideal for hours of fun and relaxing creativity to while away idle times or relax after a long day.
  • * Includes Everything You Need - Get started building right away with included paint brush, paints, glue, tweezers, sandpaper, and dog figurine. We also include two CR2032 batteries to power beautiful LED lights that add warmth and storybook magic to the scene.
  • * Magnificent Detail - Our designers carefully included everything you might find in a real life scene, movie, or famous painting. Detailed cabinetry, plant life, flowers, lettered sign, and furniture complete this trip to an ideal past that relaxes and inspires. You will get lots of heartfelt compliments from everyone who sees your new creation.
  • * Fun & Easy to Assemble - This goes together quickly for a delightful stress-relief experience. Includes complete, easy to follow step-by-step instructions with color illustrations. The finished scene measures 8.86 x 5.9 x 6.3(H) inches. Perfect for displaying on a kitchen counter, side table, shelf, or in kids room. Ideal for beginners who want to start an enjoyable lifelong hobby.
  • * Great Gift Idea - Makes a marvelous loving gift for birthday, Mother's Day, or Christmas. Many people are buying several of our dollhouse kits to enjoy for many months of creative activity. Get yours now while we have this exciting new design in plentiful supply. It's selling fast after being spotlighted by crafters as one of the best values of the year.



Honey Ice Cream Shop" DIY Miniature Dollhouse Complete Kit - This has everything you need to create a magnificent scene filled with lovely detail. Includes realistic furniture, kitchen, greenery, and flowers with dog figurine. Kit includes paint brush, paints, glue, tweezers, and sandpaper so you can start building immediately. This has warm LED lights with batteries included to give the scene a charming atmosphere. Pieces and parts are well organized to make this a smooth, enjoyable experience. It's a wonderful creative activity to inspire weekends, days off, and hours after work. You will love all the compliments you get.


Product Features:

  • Hands Craft DIY Miniature Dollhouse Kit
  • Honey Ice Cream Shop
  • Model # DG148
  • Includes supplies: Paint Brush, Paints, Glue, Tweezers, Sandpaper, Cat figurine
  • LED lights with two CR2032 Batteries included
  • Highly detailed kitchen, furniture, greenery, flowers, Sign
  • Step by Step Instruction Booklet with color photos and illustrations
  • Build your own: Highly detailed kitchen, furniture, greenery, flowers, wood deck, stairs, lattice, sign
  • Assembled Size: 8.86 x 5.9 x 6.3(H) in


Get Yours - While we have this remarkable creation in a new batch ready to ship direct to your door. Many customers love the look and quality so much they return to buy another. You can't beat the beauty, detail, and magic of Hands Craft kits. This makes a much appreciated gift for friends, family, and co-workers who enjoy crafts and dollhouse making.




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