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Great Explorations Glow in the Dark Adhesive Plastic Planets & Stars

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Glow in the Dark Adhesive Plastic Planets & Stars


Brighten up your bedroom at night with a glow in the dark kit with 9 different colorful.

Glow in the dark planets and 30 plastic glow in the dark stars will give your bedroom some galactic kaboom!

  • Comes with adhesive putty and instructions and space fun facts on the back of the packaging.

The Great Explorations Planets & Stars from University Games glow longer and brighter with Glominite. Transform your room into a glowing galaxy! Use the Planet & Stars set to brighten any room. Lifetime Glow Guarantee with Glominite using a proprietary glow formulation, giving these stars and planets the brightest and highest quality glow.


  • Set includes 30 Colorful Planets & Glowing Stars and Adhesive Putty.
  • Recommended for ages 5 and up.