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Kangaroo's Super Cool Glow in The Dark Slime - Birthday Party Favors Slime - Green, Blue, And Yellow! 1Pcs Random Pick

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Glow In The Dark Slime 1Pcs


Features Not sticky won't make a mess when you play with our slime Unlike rubber slime Our slime is super soft and stretchable for your great fun.

Ingredients Water Polymeric materials Gelling agents colorants fillers and preservatives Functions Stress relief toy anxiety reducer sensory play fun art creation ( ice cream, flower and more) school project party favor keyboard cleaner and more Target Audience Adults and Kids aged 5 + 




  • PERFECT For Birthday Party Favors, Brighten Up Anything With These Awesome Glow In The Dark Slime!
  • ENJOY Hours Of Fun In The Dark With These Bright Slime! Awesome Colors To Glow In The Dark Like Green, Blue, And Yellow!
  • TURN Off The Lights For Best Results! You'll Be Entranced By This Shining Glow In The Dark Slime!
  • GREAT For Kids, Teens, And Adults! Anyone Can Enjoy These Glow In The Dark Slime!
  • COLLECT Them All! Our Slimes Are The Best You Can Find! Check Out Our Original Super Cool Slime, Unicorn Poop Slime, And Our Emoji Poop Slime!