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Fisher-Price Disney Junior Minnie, Happy Helpers Racing Pals - Minnie, Daisy, Mickey, Figaro, and Pluto Figures

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Fisher-Price Disney Junior Minnie, Happy Helpers Racing Pals



Here comes Minnie and her favorite Happy Helper pals, all dressed up and ready for a fun day in Hot Dog Hills!
Introducing Minnie's Happy Helper Friends! Minnie and Daisy are the Happy Helpers, and today's mission brings them together with three of their best pals: Mickey, Pluto and Figaro.
These classic Minnie, Daisy and Mickey figures are poseable, as your child can bend them at the waist to stand them up or sit them down. This fun multi-figure set also includes Figaro, and Pluto – 5 figures in all!

  • 5 figures in one multi-figure set
  • Poseable Minnie, Mickey and Daisy figures
  • Also includes Figaro and Pluto figures