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Fantasma Deluxe Grand Illusions Magic Set with 200+ Tricks to Learn (78EUD) – Great Value Magic Kit

Fantasma Deluxe Grand Illusions Magic Set with 200+ Tricks to Learn (78EUD) – Great Value Magic Kit

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Deluxe Grand Illusions Magic Kit with 200+ Tricks for Kids

Brand Fantasma
Material Polyester, Paper, Plastic
Color Blue
Educational Objective Magic Tricks
Item Dimensions LxWxH 22.83 x 10.83 x 2.95 inches

About this item

  • PERFORM OVER 200 TRICKS: Give young magicians everything they need to become the world’s next master magician. The Deluxe Grand Illusions magic set includes great magic props such as the Arm Twister, Metal Linking Rings, Rising Magic Wand, Secret Levitation Device, Multiplying Balls, and much more!
  • MASTERS OF ILLUSION: Now over 200 Magic Tricks that are fun and easy to do! Includes detailed instruction manual & instructional video download for all devices. Bonus instructions to perform tricks with everyday household objects.
  • HOUDINI POSTER & VIDEO PERFORMANCES: Your new Deluxe Grand Illusions magic set includes a Houdini Poster (16.5” x 11”) with mind prediction tricks built into the design and Bonus Houdini footage to inspire your young magician with one of the greats.
  • PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT: Improves self-confidence, public speaking skills, hand-eye coordination and interpersonal communication skills.
  • INTERNATIONAL BROTHERHOOD OF MAGICIANS: Proud to have the Endorsement of the International Brotherhood of Magicians.

Product Specifications

What's in the boxArm Twister, Rising Magic Wand, 10 ESP Playing Cards, 4 Metal Linking Rings, Magic Bubble, Houdini Poster (16.5” X 11”), Gung-Ho Production Box, Psychic Deck, Secret Levitation Gimmick, Spikes Through Coin, Money Machine, 1 Play Bill, 1 Blank Bill, Multiplying Balls, and Book of Secrets Manual.

Product Description

Packed with everything you need to perform mystifying tricks. Make your arm turn 360 degrees in the baffling Arm Twister. Mystify with the Linking Rings. Make a soap bubble become solid and bounce on the table! Produce candy or any other small item from the completely empty Wonder Box! Read minds, do great card magic and make solid objects float in mid-air. Experience the mystical powers of professional magic with these astonishing illusions.

They’re easy to learn, take only minutes to master, are absolutely magical to perform and amazing to watch. Magic sets from Fantasma are the gold standard in magic kits for kids. Learn how to perform the classic magic tricks and illusions just like the professionals. Learn the secrets behind the most amazing stunts as you master the sleight of hand, manual dexterity and optical illusions of the best in the business. Our sets contain all the components you need to quickly become a master magician.

Put on a show that will amaze your family and friends. Make things disappear into thin air. Defy logic and reason as you accomplish the seemingly impossible. Pull a rabbit out of a hat? No problem. Poke a pencil through a card without leaving a trace? Easy. Read minds with the magic deck of cards. Make balls magically disappear and reappear. Magically link solid steel rings. All the magical secrets are revealed and taught to you with Fantasma Magic.

All Fantasma Magic comes with kid friendly, illustrated step-by-step instructions to help you master the tricks quickly and successfully. Download the bonus videos for more tricks, professional performance tips and other ways to impress your audience.

Precision manufacturing, detailed craftmanship and the highest quality materials assures sturdy and durable props that will hold up to demanding and frequent use.

These confidence building, self-esteem boosting sets will help develop social skills, public speaking abilities and fine motor skills. Put on your own special magic show anytime you’d like.

Recommended age 7 years and up
Parcel Dimensions 22.83 x 10.83 x 2.95 inches
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