Die-Cut Prismatic Hebrew Aleph Bet Sticker 1 Sheet

Die-Cut Prismatic Hebrew Aleph Bet Sticker 1 Sheet

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1 Sheet Die-Cut Prismatic Hebrew Aleph-Bet Stickers


About this product

Brand Jewish Educational Toys
Color Multi Color
Item Dimensions LxWxH 6 x 4.5 x 0.1 inches
Theme Alphabet
Cartoon Character Alef Bet
Reusability Single Use
Item Form Sheet
Pattern Letter Print


  • 4 Aleph, Hey
  • Vav
  • Yud
  • Lamed

  • Mem

  • Rais

  • Shin
  • Tav
  • 3 Bet
  • Gimel
  • Dalet
  • Zayin
  • Chet
  • Tet
  • Kaf
  • Nun
  • Samec
  • Ayin
  • Pay
  • Zadi
  • Kuf. Sofiot 2 Each
  • size 0.50"


About this item

  • Alef bet stickers with matching pictures for each Hebrew letter. The set includes 1 sheet and over 27 colorful and fun stickers for kids learning Hebrew.
  • Functions: Jewish alphabet stickers are perfect for kids learning Hebrew alphabet, creating Hebrew cards and hebrew matching game, Hebrew alphabet poster for kids
  • Easy to use: Hebrew alphabet stickers have a strong adhesive material, making them very easy to peel for kids and toddlers. This is a clean, easy-to-use craft item for kids to enjoy while learning!
  • Application: use the alef bet stickers for kids Hebrew learning, flashcards, scrapbooks, creating Hebrew memory game, Hebrew matching games, Hebrew alphabet poster for kids in preschool, and more
  • Specifications: Hebrew letter stickers for kids are made from high-quality stickers paper and color printing. Each sheet is size 4.5" x 6". The stickers size is 0.5"




  • Made in China • Weight: 0.2 oz
  • SKU: 386
  • UPC: 094851014767
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