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Grenada Beck’s

Grandpa Beck’s Cover Your Assets Card Game | Fun Family-Friendly Set-Collecting Game

Grandpa Beck’s Cover Your Assets Card Game | Fun Family-Friendly Set-Collecting Game

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Cover Your Assets Family Game Updated Version - Enjoyed by Kids, Teens, and Adults



  • Brand: Grandpa Beck's Games
  • Age Range (Description): Teens, Adult
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH: 5.5 x 4 x 1.25 inches
  • Included Components: Board Games
  • Number of Players: 4-6
  • Random version them shipped 


The goal is simple: build up a $1,000,000 stack of matching asset cards worth a certain amount of money, including homes, classic cars, stamp collections, and more. But watch out - the more you accrue, the more likely it is a player will steal your hard-earned valuables! Everyone begins with 4 cards from which to build their enterprise. Each turn, players attempt to make a matching asset stack from their own hand or - here's where the fun begins - an opponent's stack! To play from one's own hand is simple; make a match with or without the aid of the discard pile. To seize an opponent's assets, you must reveal a matching asset card from your hand. But if your opponent reveals another matching card, they get a turn to laugh! This continues until one player cannot reveal a new card, in which case the other player seizes the entire stack of asset cards. The game ends when at least one player reaches $1,000,000 in assets. For 4-6 players. 30-minute playtime.



Winner of Creative Child Magazine's 2012 Game of the Year award.




About this item

  • GRANDPA BECK KNOWS BEST: A passion for family time inspires these game makers.
  • CLASSIC STRATEGY GAME: Competitive play where the 1st to reach 1M in assets wins.
  • FUN FOR ALL: Create lasting memories and playful competition anytime, anywhere.
  • SIMPLE TO PLAY: Complete with simple-to-follow rules to get started right away.
  • EXCEPTIONAL FAMILY FUN: Your fun is our mission with all our games.




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