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Zak Designs Marvel Universe 16.5oz Sullivan Drinking Bottle - Made of Plastic, Leak-Proof Water Bottle BPA-Free (Random Color Pick)

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Marvel Universe 16.5oz Water Bottle

Unique artwork makes hydration a blast! This bottle has a 16.5-ounce capacity, with a carrying loop built into the lid so you can take it on the go. The easy-open cover protects the spout when it's not being used, and everything is made of durable plastic. The bottle is completely BPA free. Hand washing is recommended; do not microwave. Zak Designs Marvel Universe 16.5oz Sullivan Bottle





Color Blue, yellow, red
Capacity 16.5 Fluid Ounces
Brand Zak

    Our kids' water bottles help keep children hydrated throughout their busy day!

    Having a BPA-free water bottle with their favorite character makes it especially appealing to drink plenty of fluids and helps them keep track of their bottle. And by encouraging your kids to use reusable water bottles, you’re also helping them to develop eco-conscious habits that will last a lifetime. All bottles are break-resistant and easy to clean. Shop for a new water bottle and rest assured that every water bottle from Zak is BPA free.


     Zak Avengers 16.5 Oz drinking water Bottle


    Commitment to Safety & Quality

    Safe products should be the expectation, not the exception, so Zak Designs has made an unyielding Commitment to Safety. This commitment means that our products meet or exceed all applicable state, federal, and international regulations and standards as verified via third party testing laboratories such as Bureau Veritas, Intertek, and Consumer Testing Laboratories. Additionally, our company and our products are all 100% BPA free.