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Umbro Ceramica Soccer Ball, Size 3,4,5 (Open Display Gift Box ) 1Pcs

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Umbro Ceramica Soccer Ball

More than a sport, soccer is a diverse community of passionate players, and with the Umbro Size 4 Soccer Ball, even beginner players can join in and experience the inspiration that's sweeping the globe. Designed for youth players to advance their skills on the field, this stage four soccer ball is made with durable casing to withstand intense play with accurate trajectory and shape retention. The Umbro Soccer Ball combines great touch and great feel to deliver consistent play for kids between the ages of eight and 12 years old. Umbro believes in constant self-improvement of the quality of their products and strives to meet the needs of diverse consumers and create thoughtful products that connect with them, allowing every player to feel the power of the game and celebrate authenticity. Experience the heart and soul of soccer with the Umbro Size 4 Soccer Ball.

Umbro Ceramica Soccer Ball, Size 4:
  • Youth soccer ball
  • Size 4
  • Withstands intense play with accurate trajectory and shape retention
  • Durable casing
  • 32-Panel, machine-stitched construction provides true flight
  • Lightweight with a soft touch, ideal for light recreational play on grass
  • Rubber bladder provides greater shape retention
  • Great touch and feel for consistent play
  • Designed for ages 8-12