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Space Shuttle Keychain with Light & Sound Discovery

Space Shuttle Keychain with Light & Sound Discovery

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Daron TT80477C Space Shuttle Keychain With Light & Sound Discovery 



This plastic space shuttle is a part of the NASA space adventure Series and is approximately 2.5 inches x 2.2 inches. It is a fully functioning space shuttle with lights, sounds. 

  • Batteries are included. Recommended for children ages 3+.



Brand Daron
Material Plastic
Style Space Adventure

About this item

  • Space shuttle with working lights and sounds
  • Key Chain included
  • Batteries included



Did You Know?



  • The space shuttle was the first space vehicle that could go into space over and over again.
  • There were five space shuttles in all and they launched on 135 space missions!
  • A space shuttle lifted off with the help of two solid rocket boosters and three main engines




  • Astronauts go into space to explore, do experiments and learn more about space
  • Astronauts spacesuits give them air to breathe and protection from being hurt in space and also help them do work outside the spacecraft. A tool belt and straps connected to the suit keep tools from floating away.
  • Spacesuits can even have TV cameras attached to them. Taking videos of all the astronauts work!
  • Astronauts must go to school and then practice for many years before they are allowed to fly in a spacecraft.
  • Astronauts sleep in sleeping bags tied to the wall so they don't float around.
  • The word "astronaut" comes from two Greek words that means "star sailor".




Daron Space Adventure Series

Our Space Adventure Series are made to be played, touched and enjoyed. This toy makes for a great gift for your children or loved ones. They will enjoy hours of playtime! Collect all of our products to from this series to complete your own Space Adventure.

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