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Hanukkah Bouncing Dreidel - Press & Release Button for Bouncing & Spinning Action

Hanukkah Bouncing Dreidel - Press & Release Button for Bouncing & Spinning Action

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Hanukkah Bouncing Dreidel

Wind up this fun and entertaining dreidel. The dreidel twists onto the launcher, then release the launcher and watch it bounce. For ages 3 and up.

Your kids will be delighted with this bouncing dreidel and they will be entertained for hours watching this dreidel light up.

  • 3 easy to use steps
  • Great gift for kids
  • Bounces and lights up
  • Artist: Jenji
  • Ages: 3+


The Festival of Lights will be extra-festive with our Bouncing Dreidel! To get some bouncing and spinning action at your celebration, wind up the red toy using the handle and push the button to release the dreidel. The kids will love giving this Hanukkah toy the run-around! Bouncing Dreidel measures 5 1/2in tall x 3in wide. 


Wind it up and watch it bounce! Simply attach the spinner to the launcher, give a quick few spins and press the release button - and the Dreidel will start spinning upright and lighting up to the delight kids of all ages!


  • Bounces 
  • Press & Release Button for Bouncing & Spinning Action!
  • Perfect gift for a child for Chanukah!


An entirely new type of Dreidel! Stack the discs into the launcher and then press the release button for the super spinning action to begin! The full tower of stacked "Dreidels" will spin in tandem.




Care & Contents

  • 1. Insert Dreidel Launcher handle into largest Dreidel Disc and turn clockwise 2-3 times to lock and wind. Do not overwind.
  • 2. Release button to spin Dreidel Disc.
  • 3. Repeat step 1 with each of the other 4 Dreidel Discs in size order, releasing and stacking one on top of the other.
  • 4. The challenge is to get all 5 Dreidel Discs spinning at once!
  • 1 Dreidel Launcher
  • 5 Dreidel Discs



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