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ZURU Robo Pets Alive Magic Swim Mermaid - Madison - Teal with Purple Hair - Pretend Play Mermaid Toy

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ZURU Cute-Seas Madison Magical Mermaid

Be captivated by ZURU "Cute-Seas" mystical sea creatures. They burst to life in water and gracefully glide with realistic swimming movements enhanced though micro-robotic technology. They are the envy of the ROBO ALIVE underwater fantasy land, carrying enchanted treasure with them wherever they go. Collect all the Cute-Seas, including the Angelic Angelfish, Tiny Turtles, Magical Mermaids, and Sweet Seahorses.






ZURU Cute-Seas: Magical Mermaid - Madison
We're the CUTE-SEAS, the cutest creatures from the sea! We magically swim, twirl, and glide as soon as you place us in water. So cute, so sweet, and so real!

  • Swims in four directions across water with arms raised, and up and down with ring attached to tail.
  • 100% waterproof & water activated
  • Two fantasy colors
  • Robo-Advance power save: switches off after 4 minutes
  • Comes loaded with 2 XLR44 batteries
  • Suitable for ages 3+





Age Range
2 - 4 Years
Manufacturer Part Number