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Squeezy Bead Flamingo Stress Relief Ball 6 inches, Kids' Squishy Toy

Squeezy Bead Flamingo Stress Relief Ball 6 inches, Kids' Squishy Toy

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Squeezy Bead Flamingo Ball


Release some stress with this adorable squeezy bead flamingo ball. Each order includes one dozen flamingos in a variety of colors. Features a soft rubber outside with squeezy beads inside. 12 pieces come in a colorful display box that can easily be added to any store counter-top.

Ages 3+



  • Squishy, Flamingo Stress Relief Ball Colorful Fun – stretchy stress balls feature DNA colored water beads and a spiky to provide both mental and physical stimulation in a safe, non-toxic toy that’s perfect for restoring focus and relieving stress or anxiety.
  • Exciting Sensory Toy – This stress relief toys for adults and kids are small enough to be enjoyed at home, in the car, at work, or on the go, providing support for those with ADHD, autism, fidgeting, or stress-related behaviors.
  • Textured “Spiky” Stimulation – Along with relieving tension these colorful stress balls feature a soft, spiky exterior that enhance self-stimulation and feel good against your skin, making them a fun choice for pulling, squeezing, and stretching.
  • Vibrant, Engaging Color Combinations – These spiky stress balls come with unique color combos on the inside, perfect for kids or adults of all ages.
  • Trusted Risk-Free Purchase – Each set of kid-friendly, non-toxic stress ball is made to withstand the squeezing, pushing, and stretching and comes backed by a 100% money back guarantee to ensure they’re perfect for you or your children.

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