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PinkFong Baby Shark Umbrella, Blue - Lightweight Umbrella Accessory for Kids, Rain or Shine Cover, Toddler

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Pink Fong Baby Shark Umbrella, Blue

    The Pink Fong Baby Shark Umbrella, Blue will quickly become your Childs favorite rainy day accessory! This Pink Fong-licensed umbrella is 17" with an oval handle and wrist strap. The Baby Shark Umbrella, Blue is blue and features your Childs favorite characters on the panel. With the use of a fiberglass canopy construction, the umbrella is lighter, stronger, and safer than traditional umbrellas. Baby Shark Umbrella, Blue



    Little Kids will be in for some magical rainy day adventure with this Baby Shark Umbrella Set which features Pinkfong's Baby Shark viral craze.

    Designed for Toddler and Little kids ages 2-5, this alternating 8-panel sky blue umbrella features screen printed art of 3 baby sharks. A clamshell figure of baby sharks adorns the handle along with a nylon wrist strap.

    Each point of this durable polyester umbrella is covered with a protective plastic cap to ensure safety. With a Velcro closure strap to ensure it's fastened shut when closed, he'll have an easy time carrying his pals around.



    • Dome shaped umbrella with shark face and 3D fin
    • J-style handle
    • Snap closure
    • 70% polyester/20% other/10% plastic
    • Wipe clean
    • Imported
    • Item Code: 88823216B9ST