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Cry Babies Magic Tears Paci House, Multi - Tears Characters With 9 Accessories

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Cry Babies Magic Tears Paci House, Surprise Doll Set

Brand Cry Babies Magic Tears
Material Silicone, Carbon Fiber
Number of Pieces 1

About this item

  • Introducing Cry Babies Magic Tears Paci House
  • The Paci House magically opens with water!
  • Unveil the cutest Cry Babies Magic Tears characters that come with 9 accessories; 5 common and 4 customized!
  • There are 7 (plus a rare! ) to collect
  • Will you find the rare doll? She glows in the dark!


Cry Babies Magic Tears Paci House


Magical water reveal

Feed them water and they cry colorful tears!



Super glittery doll and accessories!



Cry Babies Magic Tears are now Fantasy themed!

Feed the babies with their magic bottle, squeeze their tummy and watch them cry colorful tears!

Add water to your paci house and it will magically open!

The magical water-activated Paci House opens with tears! Use the pipette to drop some tears and like magic it will pop open!




What Fantasy character is hiding in your Paci House?

As you open magically the Paci House and you turn around the doorknob, you will unveil the cutest fully articulated baby dolls with 8 hidden accessories!

Discover its magical glittery accessories. Will you find the rare diamond style accessory?

Unveil the cutest glittery Cry Baby Magic Tears that come with 8 fun accessories; 4 core and 4 unique. Spin a special compartment to reveal each fun accessory.



Collect Them All!

Collect all 6+ dolls! Will you find Dreamy the unicorn? Dina the dinosaur? Or Rosie the reindeer?

 ntroducing Cry Babies Magic Tears Paci House