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LeapFrog Speak and Learn Puppy - Baby Plush Toy With Sound and Lights

LeapFrog Speak and Learn Puppy - Baby Plush Toy With Sound and Lights

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LeapFrog Speak and Learn Puppy

Unleash your puppy love for the plush Speak and Learn Puppy! Watch your little friend come to life with flapping ears, a head that moves, and real-time responses. As toddlers learn to talk, this interactive dog repeats what they say and asks questions to keep the conversation going.

Bailey says what your child says in a fun and interactive way in Babble mode. In Talk mode, the puppy has conversations with children and creates stories from their responses. Explore animal facts, animal sounds, food, feelings, letters and numbers through four paw buttons and a light-up collar.

Multiple songs encourage learning, and three learning levels allow the toy to grow with your children as their language skills develop. Talk and learn with Bailey!

Intended for ages 12+ months. Requires 4 AA batteries. Batteries included for demo purposes only. New batteries recommended for regular use.

  • Bailey engages with little ones learning to talk by repeating what they say, having conversations, and creating short stories with the child
  • Three learning levels encourage listening comprehension and language development with real-time responses
  • The soft, plush puppy moves her head and flaps her ears as she responds to the child's speech, talking back with a playful, silly voice
  • Enjoy songs and music that reinforce language skills and teach about letters, numbers and emotions
  • Intended for ages 12+ months; requires 4 AA batteries; batteries included for demo purposes only; new batteries recommended for regular use

Unleash your puppy love for the plush Speak & Learn Puppy!

Watch Bailey come to life with flapping ears, a head that moves, and real-time responses with a playful, silly voice. Press the four paw buttons and light-up collar to explore animal facts and sounds, letters, numbers, feelings, music and more.

  • Language development
  • ABCs
  • 123s
  • Feelings and emotions

Talk and Learn

Press the LED collar button to hear Bailey repeat what kids say in Babble mode.

Interact with Bailey

Bailey creates short stories and asks questions in Talk mode to help develop conversation skills.


Learn Letters & Counting

Press the Star button on Bailey's paw to learn about letter sounds and counting.

Learning Songs

Press the Music button to listen to three songs that encourage learning. Watch as Bailey's ears flap to the music!

Hear from our Learning Expert

"The Speak & Learn Puppy encourages conversation by repeating what your child says in an amusing and playful voice. This fun interaction encourages back-and-forth conversation between the child and the puppy. There are three levels of language play from repeating words, to answering questions, to creating stories using their own voice." Tiffany Sakaguchi, LeapFrog Learning Expert


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