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Barbie Dollhouse, Portable 1-Story Playset with Pool and Accessories, for 3 to 7 Year Olds

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Barbie Pretend Play Dollhouse Toy, Portable

  • This portable Barbie dollhouse unfolds to reveal 2+ feet of indoor and outdoor storytelling fun -The one-story Playset features a kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and outdoor pool!
  • Fill the pool with water to really make a splash -then have fun swimming beneath the colorful patio lights that can hang from the fold-out patio cover!
  • Pull the two chairs up to the island bar for indoor or outdoor dining!
  • Cook up a fabulous meal in the kitchen that includes a sink and stovetop, plus a pot and place settings for two
  • Fold down the bed in the bedroom and enjoy sweet dreams using the dreamy blanket and pillow



​Barbie Dollhouse Builds a Foundation for Fun!

​Furnish imaginations with Barbie dollhouse and storytelling pieces that encourage young imaginations to move right in and set up their home just the way they like it! This one-story portable Barbie dollhouse is a buyer's find -- the portable playset opens and unfolds to reveal a play space more than two feet wide with four play areas, furnishings, smaller pieces and fun features that help to style the space and play out a story!

​Delightful Surprises and Working Features!

​Each room has its unique twist that builds a foundation for fun. Outside, the pool can be filled with water to make a real splash. Or open the iconic pink door and head inside, where an island bar in the kitchen can serve hungry diners inside or outside, the bed folds down from the wall in the bedroom and the toilet lid flips open and closed in the bathroom! Even the roof holds a surprise -- it doubles as a carrying handle for easy portability on the go!





Accessories Add Storytelling Detail and Playtime Fun!

​Furnishings and smaller toys encourage imaginations and engage kids in role-play fun. Cook up delicious stories with a pot on the stove, set a meal for two with two chairs and place settings, throw a pool party under the colorful patio lights, decorate with the plant and lights or snuggle into a deep slumber under the printed blanket.



Kids Can Design Barbie Doll's World and Discover Their Own!

​There are so many ways to play in a Barbie dollhouse -- style the scene, play out a story, express a mood or explore the world! There are endless possibilities to engage and play. Collect other Barbie dolls and toys for even more playtime opportunities because when a girl plays with Barbie, she imagines everything she can become!




Open this Barbie dollhouse and move right in -the portable house unfolds to reveal a one-story home more than 2 feet wide and with 360 degrees of play! There's a kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and pool area, each with signature style and realistic background decals, themed accessories and fun features. In the kitchen, a sink and stovetop help play out cooking stories and an island bar is perfect for dining. The bedroom has a bed that flips down and a closet that can hold clothing. In the bathroom, a toilet has a working lid for a realistic touch. Outside, the pool can be filled with water to make a splash while colorful "lights" hang from the patio. Fun pieces encourage imaginations and role-play, like cookware, place settings, a blanket and a plant. Some pieces have handles a doll can hold, and others are designed with a plug-and-play system for stay-in-place play and easy clean-up! Close up to store or take on the go. Young kids will love telling stories inside or outside and turning this sweet dollhouse into a sweet home because when a girl plays with Barbie, she imagines everything she can become. Add even more variety to Barbie doll's rooms by collecting all her fabulous furnishings and toys. Includes Barbie dollhouse and themed accessories. Colors and decorations may vary.

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