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Barbie Fantasy Hair Doll, Blonde, with 2 Decorated Crowns, 2 Tops & Accessories for Mermaid and Unicorn Looks, Plus Hairstyling Pieces

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Barbie Fantasy Hair Doll, Blonde



Unicorn or mermaid Barbie Fantasy Hair doll doesn't need to choose -she comes with two fantasy looks that each include a colorful crown with hair extensions, themed top and accessories. The transformation to a mermaid or unicorn is easy! Put on the t-shirt with the unicorn graphic or use the one with the mermaid, then add the matching headpiece. The colorful hair extensions on the crown add even more colors to the pink, blue and glittery streaks in Barbie doll's long blonde hair.


The set includes a brush, elastic hairbands and two clips so kids can create fantasy hairstyles, plus a pair of sneakers to expand the storytelling and styling options. Kids 3 to 7 years old will love switching up Barbie doll's look and sending her out to shine! Includes Barbie doll wearing fashion and accessories, two crowns with hair extensions, two graphic t-shirts, a second pair of shoes, elastic hairbands, two hair clips and a brush. Doll cannot stand alone.

  • Colors and decorations may vary.


Brand Barbie
Material Plastic
Number of Pieces 1

About this item

  • Barbie Fantasy Hair doll comes with 2 fantasy looks -unicorn and mermaid -for an instant and easy fashion transformation
  • Dress Barbie doll in the blue mermaid graphic t-shirt and add the crown decorated with starfish, seashells and 2 long teal hair extensions to dive into the mermaid look…or leap into the unicorn look and dress her in the rainbow t-shirt with unicorn graphic and the crown with a horn, ears and 3 colorful hair extensions in pink, yellow and purple
  • Use the included hairbands and 2 hair clips to style Barbie doll's long, colorful and glitter-streaked blonde hair for an even more fantastical look
  • Her shimmery iridescent party dress is ready to be transformed; accessorize with silvery shoes or sneakers and finish the look with a pair of purple drop earrings




Create Fantastical Fashion Transformations!

​Barbie Fantasy Hair doll comes with hairstyling accessories and 2 fantasy looks -- unicorn and mermaid -- for an instant and easy hair and fashion transformation.




Switch Up Barbie Doll's Style!

​Her shimmery party dress is ready to be transformed. Kids can use the colorful crowns with hair extensions, themed tops and accessories to create a unicorn look, mermaid look or any combination of the two!

​Dive into a mermaid look with a graphic t-shirt and crown decorated with starfish, seashells and 2 long teal hair extensions!




 ​Leap into a unicorn look with the rainbow t-shirt and crown with a horn, ears and 3 colorful hair extensions!



Fantasy, Dress Up & Hairstyling Fun for 3 to 7 Year Olds!

​Imaginations can transform Barbie doll's look again and again to explore storytelling and styling fun. It's so much fun to imagine all the possibilities because you can be anything with Barbie! ​