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Barbie Doll Career Assortment: Barbie Nurse, Life Guard, Barbie Skate (1Pcs)

Barbie Doll Career Assortment: Barbie Nurse, Life Guard, Barbie Skate (1Pcs)

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 Barbie Doll Career Assortment


Explore new careers with the Barbie Career dolls! From medicine to professional sports to creative arts, these focused females make anything possible!




This is a Barbie Career Nurse Doll

  • Size: Standard
  • Barbie nurse
  • Measures approx 11.5" tall
  • Officially licensed

Available Styles:

Barbie Career Nurse Doll Mattel

Barbie Figure Skater Doll Dressed in Purple Outfit

Barbie Careers Lifeguard Doll

  • Dream big with Barbie career dolls!
  • Young swimmers will love lifeguarding with Barbie lifeguard doll!
  • She is ready to hit the water in a pink and white chevron-striped suit and red shorts
  • Her long blonde hair hangs in loose waves
  • A whistle and rescue buoy are the perfect way to help her save the day!


Dream Big with BarbieDoll!

Barbie knows anything is possible, and she’ll try everything! She’s not afraid to take on a challenge and has explored many careers. Young imaginations can discover these professions with her and learn they can be anything too! Barbie career dolls wear themed outfits and come with an accessory to help enhance storytelling.



Explore life-saving careers with Barbie Lifeguard Doll​

From science to the arts, agriculture to athletics and oceans to ice, Barbie doll has done it all. So she knows what it takes to dive into life-saving emergencies. Lifeguards have to be good swimmers, keep an eye on the water and practice skills like CPR. Strength and speed help keep swimmers safe.




Themed Outfit, Whistle and Rescue Buoy Add to Play Possibilities

Barbie lifeguard doll will be the first on the scene wearing a pink and white chevron suit. Red shorts and a silvery whistle help her patrol the beach and a buoy is perfect when she needs to race to the rescue!





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