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Kindi Kids Fun Time 10 Inch Doll, Dr Cindy Pops with Stethoscope and Shopkins Inspired Lollipop| Changeable Clothes and Removable Shoes

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Kindi Kids Fun Time 10 Inch Doll


Style:Cindy Pops

Kindi Kids "Fun Time Friends" are the cutest Pre-Schoolers around! These adorable little girls are full of fun and play and they love attending Rainbow Kinder - A place where every day is about playing together and making friends!
Cindy Pops loves playing Doctors! Dressed in the cutest Doctor's outfit, she has the sweetest bedside manner. With her stethoscope and a lollipop Shopkin that fits into her hand, she treats her patients and makes her friends get better. Cindy has big glittery eyes, beautiful hair and an adorable head that bobbles with every movement!
Kindi Kid Fun Time Dolls have changeable clothes and removable shoes! Come and join them at the Rainbow Kinder, a world of imagination and discovery, where everything comes alive!
They can't wait to have a magical day with you!




Brand Kindi Kids
Material Poly(Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene), Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene Copolymer, Q Hair (main material is PA6 (Nylon 6) and PA66 (Nylon 66)), Poly (Vinyl Chloride) Copolymer, Fabric See more
Number of Pieces 1

About this item

  • Cindy Pops loves to help treat her friends and check their heartbeat
  • My stethoscope sits around my neck! Place it in my ears when I need to hear
  • I can hold my Lollipop Shopkin in my hand
  • My head wobbles and bobbles
  • You can remove my shoes and change my clothes



Meet Dr. Cindy Pops!

Cindy Pops is The Doctor to the Kindi Kids! She is so gentle and caring and she's as sweet as candy! She always has a lollipop on hand for her patients. Dressed in the cutest Doctor's coat, Cindy knows how to make her friends better!




Cindy Treats You The Right Way!

Going to visit the Doctor can sometimes be a little scary, but Cindy Pops knows how to treat her friends and make a visit not so bad. Cindy has the sweetest bedside manner. With her big kind eyes and colorful hair, she makes it fun to be her patient!



Let Me Check Your Heartbeat.

Cindy knows how important it is to have a good heart. Cindy has a big heart and likes to check all the Kindi Kids hearts when they visit!

I Can Wear My Stethoscope!

I wear my stethoscope just like a real one! My stethoscope sits around my neck when I'm not using it! Place it in my ears when I need to hear the Kindi Kid's heartbeat!



I can hold my Lollipop!

Everyone loves a lollipop when they come to see the doctor. I have the cutest Shopkin lollipop. It's shaped like a heart and fits in my hand perfectly!