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Hasbro Gaming- Connect 4 Blast - Fun Family Nerf Launcher and Nerf Foam Darts Game

Hasbro Gaming- Connect 4 Blast - Fun Family Nerf Launcher and Nerf Foam Darts Game

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Hasbro Gaming- Connect 4 Blast


Connect 4 game combines with nerf dart launching; Connect 4 blast game is an exciting and fun game in which players strategically launch to color discs using the included nerf launcher and nerf foam darts; players fight at the same time trying to be the first player to get 4 discs in a row of their color; demonstrate their aiming by throwing darts with darts Your Nerf Launcher to the discs; place the collapsed discs in the loading tray at the top of the grid to continue playing as these discs fall; Set is for 2 players and includes parts to assemble the Connect 4 grid, plus blue, red and yellow discs, 2 color coded nerf blasters and 8 color coded nerf foam darts; Hasbro gaming and all terms. related trademarks of Hasbro


Connect 4 Blast

  • Developed by nerf: This connect 4 blast game gives a spin from the nerf launcher to the classic connect 4 game; players knock down the connect 4 discs by throwing nerf foam discs from the nerf launchers
  • Shoot down 4 albums to win: ready, ready, now; it’s a fast-pitch showdown where players use their nerf pitcher to knock down the discs in the target grid
  • Shoot down 4 in a row: Get ready for an exciting competition game; each player tries to be the first to line up 4 discs of their color to win
  • Includes launcher and nerf darts: This connect 4 set includes 2 nerf launchers and 8 nerf foam darts; throws, reload and keeps throwing darts and reloading discs in the loading tray
  • Exciting game for children: the game Connect 4 Blast. is exciting and agile; whether it's a team integration game or an activity on a rainy day, it's a fun game for kids over 8 years







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