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Continuum Games All Aboard The Ark Board Games - Bible-Themed Memory Game

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All Aboard The Ark Board Games

Help animal pairs make it onto Noah's Ark before the Flood with this bible-themed memory game! Take turns flipping tiles to try and matching all twelve male and female animal pairs.
Watch out for the waves, though! If all ten wave tiles are flipped up before the twelve pairs of animals are matched, the game is lost! A fun, non-competitive game that teaches memory, social development, and teamwork.

Includes 17"x12" game board, 27 animal tiles, 10 water cards and rules.

  • HELP NOAH shepherd animals safely aboard the ARK before water covers the land. TAKE TURNS FLIPPING the cards to find matching male and female animals
  • Make a match and put the animals aboard the Ark. If you flip a water card, place it on the land. Work together to help each other remember where the matching animals are.
  • Cooperative board game: helps with memory, social development, and team work

Model Number CG1611
Number of Game Players 2
Color Multicolor
Product Dimensions 17.75 x 12.86 x 3.81 inches
Item model number CG1611
Manufacturer recommended age 4 years and up
Manufacturer Continuum Games, Inc.
Item Weight 1 lb
UPC Code 899600003098