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Colorful illustrations Kids Images Book - 3 Different Title Covers, Monster & Wild Animals

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Colorful illustrations Kids Images Book

The knowledge masters series of monster wild animals story book packed with fascinating facts, colorful illustrations and diagrams. Your child will discover the world's seas and oceans, travel back to prehistoric times of dinosaurs world and explore the monsters of the animal worlds, from the huge rhinoceros to the deadly lionfish!

These children's non fiction informative books about wild animals content 3 different titles: Dinosaurs, Sea & Sea Life, Monster Animals!

Children's Nonfiction Animal Books Information:

• 3 Different Title Covers
• Glossy Paperback Edition
• Monster & Wild Animals
• 16 Pages Each Book
• Colorful Illustrations
Book Size 11.5 in x 8.3 in
• Recommended For Age 6+
Published by IG Design Group


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