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Anker Play Blokko Brick Building Base Plates - Compatible For Major Brand Brick Block Building Baseplate

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Brick Building Base Plates 5"x5"

Brick Building Base Plates By Anker Play Blokko - Small 5"x5" Blue Baseplates (1 Pack) - Tight Fit with All Major Brick Sets: The best way to expand your building, this unique 1 pack of building base plates gives you the freedom to create as you wish.

Each set is custom designed to be Tight Fitting with all major brands.



  • Inspire your kid's imagination with the Building Block Toy Baseplates!
  • With these baseplates, your creations will stay together and be easy to carry and display Great for a group build or party.
  • 100% ABS plastic building block toy baseplates. Safety includes European and American toy safety standard and GB standard.


Each base measures 5” x 5”. Assortment includes 6 colors. Compatible with National Brands. Ages 6+