Family Bingo board Game with Plastic Cage, 48 Cards & 90 Numbers - Kids Party Classic Games, 6 years and up

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Bingo Family Game with Plastic Cage


This set has a cage featuring a 90 numbered random ball selector that works automatically. The 48 bingo card combinations make the game even more exciting. Why You'll Love It: This set brings the classic game of bingo home with more than 48 card combinations to add to the fun. Age: 6 years and up where it can keep kids entertained for long.
Plastic Bingo Game Set with instructions with an automatic random ball selector Perfect for old-fashioned fun with a nostalgic twist 48 bingo cards and 90 numbers Great for parties, barbeques or family game nights Recommended for ages 6 and up

This Bingo cage board game is played by adding all the 90 solid and colorful number balls to the ball-sized, rotating cage. You then need to circle it for picking a number. This game leads to the growth of analytic skills and concentration in the players. This Bingo kit also comes with an unbendable and strong plastic board to track the called-out numbers. Suitable for Family and Party Games.

This Deluxe Wooden Bingo Set has a handsome wooden base with a black spinner cage. This classic game of chance is not only fun but a beautiful addition to any game room. Track the called letters and numbers and see who gets BINGO first.

Great for family game night, or any get together


  • Try to get five in a row
  • Fun for the whole family
  • Includes plastic cage, balls, tally card, cards markers and instructions
  • For 2 or more players
  • Recommended age range from 6 years and above