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Best of Miami Beach Mini Travel Puzzle-60 Pcs

Best of Miami Beach Mini Travel Puzzle-60 Pcs

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Miami Beach Mini Travel Puzzle-60 Pcs


The Travel Puzzle is a great gift for the puzzle fanatic that's on the go. This wooden puzzle features a giclee print that is mounted on a wooden tray and laser cut perfectly by a team member in the Dowdle Factory. 

Miami Beach, where gorgeous landscape meets with cultural diversity in perfect harmony! Originally incorporated on March 26, 1915, this beautiful spot was not popular until after WWII. Immigrants flood the island, adding tens of thousands in only a few decades with rich history and culture. Today, diversity thrives here thanks to places like “SoBe” –where the Art Deco District resides–, the New World Symphony, the Miami City Ballet, The Miami Beach Festival of the Arts, and the Bass Museum of Art. Of course, the beach is the hub of Miami! Explore this colorful painting and see if you can spot your favorite activity and a few Easter eggs in Eric’s painting.

  • Each puzzle has a colorful story to tell
  • Fun and entertaining items are found within the intricate details of the artwork
  • Made in America from high quality materials



There are so many great beaches to enjoy in Florida; Key West, Miami Beach, South Beach. This collage of Eric Dowdle’s paintings of Florida will make you want to put on your flip-flops and imagine yourself sunbathing on the sand while you put together this puzzle.



Dowdle Jigsaw Puzzle Features



When you combine great quality and a touch of expertise into a jigsaw puzzle, you get a Dowdle jigsaw puzzle! All our puzzles are crafted with high quality components here in the USA. Let us list a few of them for you; strong pieces that won’t break or fall apart, a premium packaging collectors box with a re-closable velcro lid and a UV protected sleeve cover, a sealed bag that is virtually dust free, a zip-lock bag to safely hold your puzzle to pull out again and again, and a story legend explaining all the fun finds in the puzzle. Don’t take our word for it, try out a Dowdle jigsaw puzzle today. We know you, your family, and friends will love!

Each Dowdle premium jigsaw puzzle started out as an original piece of art by world renowned Folk Artist, Eric Dowdle. In each painting, Eric provides a unique look at the places he’s been to and the people he’s met along the way. With his signature style of storytelling, the people and places he visits come to life right in your home. Within each painting, are little Easter eggs representing fun facts about the location he painted or a funny story from his own life. By showing his love for the people, places and iconic landmarks from all over the world, Eric makes each image engaging, personal, and fun.





We are committed to providing the highest quality products in “Bringing people together one puzzle at a time.” To enable this, we offer a “No Missing Pieces” policy where we will replace your puzzle with a new bag of pieces of the same title, since we can’t replace an individual piece. Why? Our puzzles are cut in seven different ways, helping make every puzzle a fun and personal experience for you to remember.

Built in the USA as a lightweight sturdy tray with a higher edge, our puzzle trays make it easier to build your favorite puzzle or move it around the house while keeping your puzzle intact. Once you find the perfect spot, building the puzzle is easy thanks to this smooth workspace. The best part though is its size. Our 16”x20” tray holds piece sizes 100, 300, & 500 and our 19.25”x 26.625” board holds 1000 pieces. Now you’ll never have to guess where to put the edges of your Dowdle puzzle! Experience the Dowdle puzzle tray with family and friends today!





About the Artist: Eric Dowdle

God, family, country — those are the three words often paired with folk artist Eric Dowdle. His whimsical, patriotic art stirs nostalgic and cheerful emotions for what makes our vast world intimate and extraordinary. Rich rural landscapes of homes and farms, cityscapes featuring customs and foods, playful families and the traditions that keep them together are all common features in a Dowdle painting. Fluffy “Dowdle clouds” and sculpted “Dowdle mountains” are signature icons that can be found in most pieces Eric paints. A closer look at the art reveals playful stories that reflect the particular piece’s history. Eric will also often add a name or icon to reflect events that took place as he painted that particular piece. Exploring the details of a Dowdle painting is a great adventure.

"I once painted a butterfly in the third grade that earned me three stars."

-Eric Dowdle




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