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Bendon Imagine Ink Magic Ink Pictures With Nella, Vampirina, Captain America, Spiderman, LOL! Surprise, Minnie

Bendon Imagine Ink Magic Ink Pictures With Nella, Vampirina, Captain America, Spiderman, LOL! Surprise, Minnie

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  • Includes 1 Mess Free Imagine Ink Marker to reveal a rainbow of colors
  • 24 pages of games and activities in a size that's perfect for travel
  • Designed to be used with the included Imagine Ink Marker, a clear marker that will not visibly mark most other items
  • Officially licensed product
  • Ideal for ages 3 and up
Watch a rainbow of colors appear like magic with Bendon's Vampirina Imagine Ink Magic Ink Pictures! Artists of all skill levels will love finding Vampirina, Poppy, and their friends hidden across 24 magic reveal pages. Its compact design makes it perfect for travel, too!

Fill today with creative play

Spark creativity in the hearts and minds of all with children’s products from Bendon. We partner with retailers around the world to deliver high-quality coloring and activity products at an affordable price to delighted children everywhere.

All of the creativity, none of the mess

Designed to keep the mess to a minimum, Bendon’s unique Imagine Ink formats use exclusive ink technology to reveal eye-popping colors without staining most materials. Hidden on each page, your child will find patterns, games, mazes, and his or her favorite characters for a surprise that is guaranteed to please. Even better, Imagine Ink formats have been designed with portability in mind so they’re just as effective on the go as you are.

Bendon + You

What consumers are saying:

"We love the Imagine Ink books for car rides and restaurants as there is NO MESS!! ... My 4.5 year old daughter loves them and has since she was about 3."

"I like that the marker doesn't get on my daughter, or her clothes, or the carpet"

"Luckily the pen is non-marking so it worked out well. The pages have lots of space that needs coloring so you get a lot of use out of them. Very satisfied! I can see us using these at restaurants, car trips as well as planes."

About Bendon

  • 74% made in the USA!
  • OVER 80 licenses
  • Consumer Trusted

All Smiles

A sugar-free reward, perfect for birthday parties, road trips, or quiet time at home.


An easy decision for a single gift or if you're buying for a group.

Engaging Content

Don't just watch your favorite characters, interact with them.

Item Size: 5.5" x .75" x 8"

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