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BATMAN Batcycle Vehicle with Exclusive and Clayface 4-Inch Action Figures

BATMAN Batcycle Vehicle with Exclusive and Clayface 4-Inch Action Figures

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BATMAN Batcycle Vehicle Playset


Prepare to battle Clayface with Batman and his Batcycle! This 4-inch action figure set includes exclusive figures of Batman and Clayface, two gauntlet accessories and the Batcycle. The Batman 4-inch figure is highly detailed with 11 points of articulation for dynamic battle poses! When you’re ready to battle, mount Batman onto the Batcycle and speed on to defend against Clayface (figure includes five points of articulation). With army green sculpted wing details, the caped crusader’S sleek custom bike is ready to help destroy the shape-shifting supervillain! Use your imagination to create your own Batman vs. Clayface stories and take Clayface down! For more Batman action and adventures, look for all of the Batman 4-Inch Action Figures, including Robin, The Joker, Nightwing and more (each sold separately). Team up with Batman in an epic battle against Clayface with the Batcycle!




Style Batcycle
Item Dimensions LxWxH 2.88 x 11.5 x 8.5 inches
Number of Pieces 1

About this item

  • BATCYCLE VEHICLE: The Batcycle is ready to destroy Clayface! Equipped with army green and silver accents, Batman’s signature tech and a detailed wing sculpt in the rear, this bike is unstoppable!
  • 4-INCH EXCLUSIVE ACTION FIGURES: The Batcycle includes Batman and Clayface collectible action figures! Each come to life with realistic details and 11 (Batman) or 5 (Clayface) points of articulation.
  • CREATE EPIC BATTLES: Use your imagination to play out your own Batman vs. Clayface battles! Collect all of the Batman 4-Inch Action Figures (each sold separately) for more storytelling possibilities.
  • The Batman vs. Clayface Batcycle makes a great gift for kids and collectors aged 4 and up. Destroy Clayface with Batman’S Batcycle!
  • Includes: 1 Batcycle, 1 Exclusive Batman Figure, 1 Exclusive Clayface Figure, 2 Accessories



Batcycle with 2 Exclusive Action Figures

Join forces with BATMAN in an epic battle against CLAYFACE with the Batcycle! In this action-packed set, you’ll find a sleek Batcycle, 2 gauntlet accessories for BATMAN and exclusive 4-inch action figures of BATMAN and CLAYFACE! When it’s time to battle, place THE CAPED CRUSADER onto the Batcycle and take down CLAYFACE! Each highly detailed figure is articulated so you can pose them in battle. Look for all of the 4-inch Action Figures (including ROBIN, THE JOKER, NIGHTWING and more, each sold separately) for even more epic BATMAN adventures! Destroy CLAYFACE with BATMAN and his Batcycle!





  • 1 Batcycle
  • 1 Exclusive BATMAN Figure
  • 1 Exclusive CLAYFACE Figure
  • 2 Accessories




Sleek Batcycle Vehicle

Equipped with sculpted wing details and army green and silver accents, THE CAPED CRUSADER’S custom Batcycle is unstoppable! When it’s time for battle, arm BATMAN with his 2 gauntlet accessories, mount him onto the bike and speed on to destroy the shape-shifting CLAYFACE!

2 Exclusive Action Figures

This 4-inch action figure set includes exclusive BATMAN and CLAYFACE figures! Featuring highly detailed sculpts, these figures look just like the iconic hero and supervillain. With 11 points of articulation on BATMAN and 5 points of articulation on CLAYFACE, pose your figures in battle!






Engage your imagination and play out your own BATMAN vs. CLAYFACE battles! For even more exciting BATMAN storytelling possibilities, add all of the 4-Inch Action Figures, including ROBIN, THE JOKER, NIGHTWING and more to your collection (each sold separately)!






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